i don’t know what i am doing with my life or my hair

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1984 ~ Keith Haring
—   The only thing worse than insomnia is falling asleep with unsaid words in your heart ..

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Bus Roots is a living garden planted on the roofs of city buses (NY). It’s an effort that rose out of New York City designer Marco Antonio Castro Cosio’s graduate thesis at the NYU

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—   Shinji Moon

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i hope you feel special and loved not just today but the rest of the daaays happy birthday beautiful ♥


aw this is so sweet, why the heck are you on anon??? but thank you so much :) i hope you do too!

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Happy birthday!!! Have a great day!!!


thank you!! you too!!

—   Six Word Story #12 by absentions

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Happy birthday gorgeous!


thanks kind anon!